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10 key announcements from Budget 2015

Which of these could impact on your financial plans, both positively and negatively?

Budget 2015 at a glance

What the Chancellor had to say

Help to Buy ISA

25% boost for those saving towards a deposit to buy their first home

Individual Savings Accounts

Rules change for savers withdrawing tax-efficient money

Personal Savings Allowance

Taking over 90% of taxpayers out of paying tax on interest from savings

Self-assessment tax returns abolished

Move towards new online digital tax account

Income Tax Personal Allowance

Increased announced to £11,000 from April 2017?

Pensions Lifetime Allowance

Reduction announced from April 2016 to £1m


Inheritance Tax

Deed of variation review to ensure they do not foster tax avoidance



Further pensions freedom plans extended to secondary market


Venture Capital Trusts and Enterprise Investment Schemes

Further alterations to the rules on the plans, which invest in small, private up-and-coming companies


Pension freedoms – what could they mean to you?

Accessing your pension safely, without unnecessary costs and a potential tax bill


‘Midlife crisis’

Baby boomers are some of the least prepared for retirement


Pensions freedom

Your questions answered


Maximising your income levels in retirement

Why having a target in mind clearly makes a difference to fund this stage of your life


With great freedom comes great responsibility

Savers positive about pension reforms but concerned about scams


Question time

Why planning for your future retirement requires answers


Gender disparity

Funding a post-work life will be difficult without sufficient planning


New pension landscape

Are you ready for the responsibilities of being in complete control over all of your money?


Pension consolidation

Bringing all of your separate pension plans together into one single pension pot


Influencing factors to managing your future wealth

When was the last time you revisited your investment goals?


Trading places

It’s not just about picking investments wisely, it’s holding them in the best place


Asset classes

Putting together an investment portfolio


New Individual Savings Accounts

A NISA way to grow your tax-efficient wealth


Investment risk

Reducing the overall level of exposure


What’s in your basket?

Diversifying your assets helps spread risk by lessening the potential for losses


Pooled investments

Choosing a broad spread of instruments in which to invest


Save smart and make your existing money grow

5 tips to help you be more confident about your financial future


Unit trusts

Participating in a wider range of investments


Investing for income

Choosing your appetite to risk


Achieving financial success

Tips to get your finances on track


Do you know your Inheritance Tax numbers?

How to shelter your assets from unnecessary tax


Inheritance Tax

One of life’s unpleasant facts


Meet the Full Nesters

Providing financial support for adult offspring – what are the implications?


Nation of savers

Year-on-year rise in the number of long-term savers


Getting more financially savvy

Sorting out finances high on most people's list


Financial fibbing

Telling ‘white lies’ about our money and salary


Safeguarding your family’s lifestyle

The numbers show a significant protection gap exists for families in the UK


Pensions and Divorce

How to protect your financial position during a divorce


A NISA way to save and invest

Have you taken advantage of your larger tax-efficient allowance?



Deciding what to do with the pension pot you’ve built up.


Care Fees

Providing specialist care in our later years.


Choosing The Retirement Option That's Right For you

The freedom to choose how and when you access your pension.


Clever retirement strategies

How to influence the income you’ll receive in your retirement.


Critical Illness Protection

Providing vital financial security when you’re in need of it most.


Decisions That determine Your Standard Of Living In Retirement

The choices you need to make that will determine how much income you live on once retired.


Defining The Short Medium And Long Term Rational For Your Portfolio

Providing a clear road map for developing a proper investment strategy, with the correct balance of risk


Different Types of Annuity

Choosing the right option for you


Greater Choice for Retirees

Proposals to fundamentally redesign the UK private pensions system


Growing your wealth over time

Choosing investment vehicles that match your feelings and preferences is the key.


Income protection insurance

How would you pay the bills if you were sick or injured and couldn’t work?


Inheritance Tax

New intestacy rules aim to make things simpler and clearer.


Inheritance Tax matters

Not quite the ‘voluntary’ tax it was once considered.


Inheritance tax ‘Nil Rate Band’ and rates

Inheritance Tax is charged at the following rate on death.


Investing with a conscience

Seeking the best financial returns but with socially responsible principles.


Making a will

Sharing out your estate.


Making the most of our new-found freedom

Why planning for your future retirement requires answers


Maximising The Value Of Your Pension Pot

Probably the single most important decision to realise your long-term goals


Peace of Mind For You And Your Family

Making the right decisions to protect your financial situation


Pension Consolidation

Mitigating lost investment opportunities, exposure to undue risk and higher costs


Pension death tax charge abolished

New simplify the existing regime from April 2015.


Pension freedom

The most radical reforms this century.


Pension reform: what you need to know

There’s now more scope than ever to arrange your finances the way you want them.


Personal pensions

Coming to terms with the realities of your later years.


Planning for the quality of life you want in your golden years

Looking forward to a secure and financially independent retirement.


Securing a bigger annuity income

The lack of professional financial advice can be costly


Self-Invested Personal Pensions

Taking control of where your money goes and how it grows.


Smoothing out your portfolio’s returns

A time-tested method for controlling risk over time.


State Pension changes on the horizon

Over half of the UK population are unaware of government plans.


Surviving investment volatility

Resisting the temptation to make short-term adjustments.



Choosing the right structures to protect assets and give your family lasting benefits.


Valuing your estate for Inheritance Tax

Reflecting what your assets would reasonably receive in the current open market.


Workplace pensions

You could soon have a pension without asking for one!




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